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Small Victories

I actually finished my first sewing project, inspired by fraktur motifs.

For those of you who did not see the first post about this little rabbit trail I’m on, you can read about it in the previous post.

I thought I ought to say a few words about how I have enjoyed this new venture. My sister has been encouraging me to write more, and branch out in writing styles. So here I timidly place a little poem inspired by my new hobby. It might say better how my sewing inspired me than comfortable prose.


My stitches are crooked,

like prayers.

Some big and overreaching,

others small and timid.

Some are hastily done,

and others carefully placed.

I am wholehearted,

and I am halfhearted.

But I keep going ahead.

For the more stitches there are

the tighter the seam

between my fabric

and His.


So it seems I am delving into quite a few new things as of late! I am still inking and watercoloring—this, of course, is still my first love. Still, it is good for us to stretch ourselves beyond the bounds of our comfort zones. It may not be a prize-winning textile, and my poem not a great piece of literature, but they are both from the heart. I hope it inspires you to take a leap and be adventurous in little ways.

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