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hello, I'm Kelsey

It sometimes feels as though I grew up on the trail. 

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are going down the wooded path or through the rustling fields of Northeast Ohio and Southwestern Pennsylvania. My grandparents live in Pennsylvania, and much time was spent roaming the forests and fields with them. We went wildflower hunting with my grandma, fishing and hiking with "Papa." 

My own parents took us often to the Cleveland area metroparks and to the Cuyahoga Valley to explore and to see the beautiful world we believe the Lord made, and made well. 

These memories, along with others made in activities with the parks and friends, have shaped what I pay attention to as I walk along the way. I paint what I pay attention to, to give glory to my Creator, and to point it out to my neighbor.


Perhaps, in looking at my work, you might learn to love the plants that were meant to live here, where we live. Maybe you will even plant them in your yard. Let them grow up between your hostas and around your rose bushes. The bees will come; the butterflies, the birds, and the creatures we know little of but make up much of our ecosystems. 

Most of all, however, I hope my work provides a spark of joy and inspires you to look a little closer along your way. 

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