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Stitching Fraktur

For those of you who follow my mom’s blog,, you will know that she recently went to Iowa to teach a wool appliqué workshop at Wheaten Woolens. I went along as a helper, in exchange for bringing a few things with me to sell. It was an adventure, to be sure, in more than one way.I met some lovely new people there and spent time at a beautiful stone house and barn, a hidden oasis in a Davenport neighborhood. Since I was visiting a new state, crossing a new river, and meeting new people, it seemed an apt opportunity to do something else new. While mom was teaching the workshop, I began my first attempt at a wool appliqué project. I designed my own little piece using whatever mom had on hand and stitched with the lovely ladies.

The funny thing about sewing is that if you are already an artist, you sew like you paint. Mom has always said that, and as you can see by the image below, it is true with me as well. My wool applique design looks like a fraktur. It is fun to do what you are comfortable with in a different medium. There is a beautiful rhythm to stitching which makes the hours slow and puts your mind at ease.

I designed my own piece using frakturs as inspiration.

It just came out that way!

And now I am hooked! I did one little piece, and I already have two other matching pieces in progress to make a little mat, with more ideas coming every day. I never thought I would get into sewing, but here I am. I won’t be selling anything in the near future, and it is nice to have something to do just for myself. So I encourage you all to try something new! It could be the start of a new hobby. While not good for your wallets (or mine), it will be good for your soul.

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